The Raffles Community Leaders Forum (RCLF) was a 3-day forum that sought to empower and inspire youth participants to make positive social change and to groom youths to become lifelong community leaders and activists. They learned more about many pertinent social issues and the community through community engagement, keynote addresses and panel discussions with community leaders. They also learned more about specific causes that they signed up for through facilitated and focused discussions in Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

The theme of the RCLF, held in 2008-2010, was “Speak Act Change”.

The objectives of RCLF included:

  1. engaging and inspiring youth participants from diverse backgrounds with in-depth and informed discussions/debates on a range of social issues so as to gain a thorough and grounded understanding of current and pressing social issues
  2. equipping youth participants with the necessary skills and encouraging them to take the first step in effecting positive change

Some of the features of the RCLF included:

  1. Allowing for open and honest discussions, grounded by support/ talks from various stakeholders
  2. Participation by community partners
  3. Field trips to relevant VWOs
  4. Discussion panels involving invited guests with ground experience
  5. Keynote speeches
  6. Mass activities such as “What is Advocacy?” Workshop, Source For Resource, Hunger Banquet, Advocacy Challenge (External Activity)
  7. Special Interest Group discussions led by youth for youth, supported by an organizing committee made up of 80 students