Future leaders and active citizens need to go beyond economic and political issues in order to make informed decisions for a sustainable future. The Raffles Ecological Literacy Programme aims to provide an experiential platform for students to gain both a global environmental outlook and connection with their local community. This programme also seeks to instil a sense of curiosity and exploration that leads to environmental advocacy.

This program is offered to Year 5 students. Students will:

  1. Participate in organised field trips, outdoor camps, nature journaling and research to deepen their understanding of our local environment.
  2. Promote environmental awareness through public presentations and peer sharing.
  3. Explore environmental worldviews as a way to create critical thinking for an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.
  4. Develop connections with the natural environment through participation and support of environmental-based events.



The programme focuses on place-based education which promotes learning that is rooted in what is local – the unique environment, history, culture, economy, lifestyle and people of a particular place, right in our backyard. It is often hands-on, experiential, project-based and always related to something in the real world. When our students experience the complex interdependence between natural and social systems not just as an intellectual idea, but up close in real life, they frequently awaken to the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation.

The students are then encouraged to find ways to share their learning and insights with the community at large – most recently, this has taken the form of storybooks for younger learners. The books are legacies targeted to ignite the curiosity of the little ones to explore and enjoy nature.

More about Raffles Ecological Literacy publications can be found here.