The objectives of the GAP Semester are:

  1. Provide greater breadth in the academic and non-academic curricula for students, hence  making meaningful use of the time freed up in the Integrated Programme;
  2. Enable all students to benefit from a broad-based and all-rounded educational experience;
  3. Provide the differentiation and flexibility necessary to cater to the needs of a diverse group of highly-able and talented students;
  4. Create a dynamic and vibrant learning environment for students through the diversity of opportunities offered.

This trip will focus on deepening the student’s theoretical and practical understanding of place-based outdoor environmental education from an ecological perspective, with experiential learning.

  1. A chance for students to embark on a 13-day journey in Sweden on bikes, foot and van.
  2. For students to immerse themselves in an outdoor environment where their direct engagement and experiences will inspire learning and curiosity about the world around them.
  3. For students to learn and understand the importance of place-connectedness, through the connection between the environment, resources and people.
  4. Enabling the student to experience how people behave in different learning environments in the urban/city and the school outdoor environments.
  5. Focus on their leadership styles and how the individual and the group react to different situations.



Students will be involved in pre-trip learning journeys in the outdoors, getting them to accustomed to the outdoor learning environment. They will also take ownership in doing pre-trip planning and research. The students will present their research on a notable sustainable environmental project in Singapore to the Swedish students. After the trip, the students will have a post-trip sharing/exhibition to share their learning with the school.

An integral component will also consist of staff members facilitating and drawing out relevant issues during the expedition in order to maximize the students’ learning. There will be opportunities for reflection pre-, during and post-expedition.