The objectives of the Boon Lay Youth Club are:

  1. To provide youth the unique opportunity to lead and execute change to make a positive impact in the lives of needy Singaporeans.
  2. To pave the way for other like-minded youth to engage with their own constituencies in the future.

During their two years, club members are expected to attend two Meet-the-People sessions (held every Monday night from 7.30 pm to about 9.30 pm) at Boon Lay. They will gain an insight into how the MP for the Boon Lay area, Mr Lawrence Wong, renders assistance to the residents. Club members are attached to staff at these sessions and get to witness the whole process at work and find out the problems that are faced by residents. They may also be asked to help residents with filling in petition forms and typing letters to government ministries and agencies.


At the end of the year, members will take part in the compulsory “Countdown at Boon Lay” event, including preparations and the actual countdown party on 31st December.

Regular CCA Meetings will be held on Thursdays (4.30 to 6.30 pm) in college to discuss projects. Members are also sometimes expected to be present at the Boon Lay Community Centre to attend project meetings with grassroots leaders or to attend community events.

December is an intensive period for students as they prepare for the countdown event, both in college and down at Boon Lay. Smaller groups of club members operating in their own committees may meet up at their own time throughout the year to settle their work for the different projects, as long as they get the projects moving along.