This is our capstone programme which incorporates all of RLI’s major pedagogical approaches, including place-based education, environmental education, journey-based field courses, structured reflection and mentorship. Non-prescriptive in nature, LBA explores leadership theories, fundamental skills with its students and culminates in an overseas adventure expedition.

The programme combines sustained service to the needs of economically disadvantaged and disenfranchised persons with a closely mentored process to explore leadership theories, gain fundamental life skills and challenge one’s mental and physical boundaries. LBA seeks to develop leaders who embody strength, compassion and resilience. LBA is open to students with prior leadership position, who demonstrate the capacity to balance co-curricular commitments with academic performance, and who show a keen interest in serving the community.


2013 marked the first intake of this LBA group. For the selection of students, in-depth interviews were conducted and 18 were eventually selected. The program has proven to be highly rigorous with personalized leadership talks, positive psychology mentorship, environmental field trips, physical fitness sessions and most importantly constant personal reflection.

The students also embarked on a 4-month Home Improvement Project (HIP) with REACH Bishan Family Service Center.

The LBA leadership journey culminated in November with a 14-day self-sufficient adventure expedition at Australia’s National Alpine Park which challenged every ounce of belief, skill and resolute that they had. We are confident that our students graduated from LBA as leaders who embody strength, compassion and resilience.