About RLI: Staff

Ruth Ong Wei Lin

Ruth grew up with fond memories of exploring the less travelled parts of Singapore with her Dad. Intrigued by how those journeys and places have shaped, she pursued Geography as a degree. Her varsity days opened her eyes to international volunteerism when a simple reflection activity in Laos PDR made her realize that there is more to receive than to give. Communities were her teachers and landscapes, her classrooms. The sincere exchange of stories and smiles compelled her to lead subsequent projects to Thailand, Cambodia, China and India.

Upon graduation, Ruth joined a polytechnic’s student development team pioneering Service-Learning. She worked on her belief in providing opportunities for everyone to “get-out-there”. Her other interest in theatre led her to a social-enterprise that connects community with performing art. Now, she actively supports the cause of a youth development society (Raleigh Singapore) as a secretary. Her recent 3 months of volunteering in India working with diverse young people and communities reaffirmed her career choice. Having benefitted from experiential education throughout her formative years, Ruth hopes to continue to share it with the people she meets.