About RLI: Staff

Kuak Nam Jin

Nam Jin is a self professed weatherman. He feels pretty clever when he gets the prediction right. These days he relies on his freshly brewed coffee as his trusty instrument of choice.

Being a big fan of nature he greatly encourages both children and grown-ups to spend time playing and exploring natural places to avoid developing what Richard Louv describes as nature deficit disorder. He is convinced that a sustainable future can be achieved when people actually have a personal connection with nature. Having said all that he (as with many others) is wrestling hard with time, family commitments and other more “urgent” matters to lead his two adorable daughters and wife in outdoor expeditions.

In his bid to lower his carbon output he now cycles to work from Punggol. He is a member and co-founder of Raffles Rides, a riding interest group that promotes cycling as a way to increase fitness, team bonding and an alternative mode of commuting within the staff community. His noble steed is a 1992 Bridgestone Mountain Bike.

His current interest is in leadership education that encompasses personal-mastery, environment literacy and community involvement. He embraces place-based education. He is of the opinion that the school’s immediate community makes for a powerful learning platform to cultivate a deep sense of place and rootedness to Singapore.

He is very proud of his team behind the Raffles Leadership Institute.