About RLI: Staff

Aileen Li

Aileen returns to the department with a new perspective of life after spending eighteen months with her daughter as a stay-at-home-mom. Surprisingly, it was her prior work with students whilst in RLI (formerly known as the Raffles Institute for Experiential Learning) that prepared her for this motherhood journey.

She has always loved the outdoors, the blue skies, green grass and fresh air. Before the little one came along, travel was a large part of her life, she backpacked Indonesia, Taiwan, Greece and trekked mountains from Malaysia to the Himalayas and to East Africa.

Aileen and her husband make it a point to bring their little bub to gardens and parks whenever they can, so that they can share their love and respect for creation with their little one. She is immensely thankful for a supportive and loving husband who never fails to crack her up with his deadpan humour and extremely unique dance moves.

Her favourite de-stressing activities include cooking, baking, mopping the floor and doing laundry. The occasional swim does give her some down time as well as to re energise and refresh.

It is with great joy and anticipation that she resumes her role as a teacher-mentor to youth as she can continue her pursuit in asking irritating questions and giving unsolicited advice.

In other news, Aileen is still pining for that one night of 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.