About RLI


Raffles Institute for Experiential Learning
Before Raffles Leadership Institute (RLI), there was Raffles Institute for Experiential Learning (RIEL). The latter was set up in 2006 to offer programs with an experiential (and sometimes experimental) approach to complement the academic development of RI students. Programs offered under RIEL focused on:

  1. Community Education through Raffles Community Advocates and International Service-Learning & Leadership Elective
  2. Environmental Education through the Raffles Ecological Literacy Programme and GAP Semester
  3. Outdoor Education through Raffles Outdoor Adventure Club



Leadership is a critical educational outcome that has to be

purposefully and intentionally developed.

Raffles Leadership Institute
In 2013 RIEL was renamed RLI and while most programs remain, the philosophy has changed to meet the new mission and role of the institution.

Programs now take on a more succinct leadership emphasis. We aim to level up the leadership element in all our offered programs. Students in service related programs have to realise that while they serve their communities, they are also developing their leadership abilities. Students taking the ecological literacy program now have to understand that environmental knowledge is not just for the “Greenie” but is critical for leaders in making sustainable decisions for the future.

Those who are already strong in leadership qualities need to know that service to community is the highest act of humility and that environmental literacy is critical in helping to create a sustainable future for the world.